Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Things that make me Happy

There are lots of things that make me happy..

1. Being tall and slender like a supermodel
Ha-ha, Does it sound too good too be true? but to be honest. i want it so fricking bad! Even i know i can't be growing tall anymore, at least there's still a chance to have a skinny body like a supermodel. Hmmmm, suppose that everybody could understand what i wish for..

2. Having a talent to draw!!
Gosh, you wanna know who is the one i would envy the most? The Drawer! Yepp, i wish God had bestowed me with such amazing talent. My skill of drawing is amateur. I draw like kindergarten do. Nonetheless, i keep drawing no matter it's good or not.. hehe

3. Having multilingual skill (France, Japan, Germany, Mandarin, Arabic, Italian, hahaha ;p)
i have no idea why i'm so interested in Language. i do i do i do love it. it's cute when you're able to speak w/ native citizens w/ their own language. i wish i could speak like a translator device. ^^

4. Travelling around the world
i hope that i could be a travel journalist and make it as my career. i'm eager to see the world from North to South, from East to West. To be able going around the globe is such a bliss for me! However, i am still willing to go around Indonesia, esp Raja Ampat. ohhhh, mann, i think, the Paradise island is not Bali, yet Papua. Papua is not only rich w/ their natural resources but also the sceneries. Papua is Paradiso!

5. Staying in Nederland
hehe, i knoooow, Nederland had colonized Indonesia for centuries, but doesn't mean that we have a grudge and should hate that country. hmmm, by living and inhabiting there, i should leave for my mother country,Indonesia, and it's certainly hard! ):

i think that it's enough for now, if i change my mind, i will update this post shortly. hihihi


  1. samaaa..
    pengen ke Belanda jugaa.. :D :D :D

    semoga kita bisa kesana ya put! aamiin ^_^

  2. hehehee, iya adiiik. ntr kita tetanggaan yaah (: