Sunday, April 10, 2011

come clean

what a relief!!!
i just admitted something that have been troubling and bothering my mind most of the time.  wow, it's relaxing! i feel that i'm so light. i could soar high w/o any burden on my shoulder. my mind is free! hehe. it's freed from any negative thoughts and i could focus on my goal anymore. Honestly, i always distress and complain about anything recently. i know it's so bad!! seems that i am not grateful for what i had. but. it was yesterday! i'm different now! i could say so because i could feel it. oh yes, i really am! i could ensure you that im not the same girl as in the last week, last month, or last year. blaaaah. hehehe
the wonder of coming clean is amazingly awesome! have you guys experienced this previously? i think that some people have experienced it. it's not only about coming clean for your secret but also your feeling or anything that you've been keeping it on your own.
well, the point is, if you have something in mind, just speak it out. i mean, share, deliver it to your trusted friend, relative or your parents. look, it works!! hehe

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