Saturday, April 30, 2011


Welcome to the jungle!!! hahaha, my sister and i went to the zoo in the middle of city two days ago. this is my very first time i went to zoo since i've been living at this city for almost 3 years. Yeah, i'm a bad citizen right? haha.  You know, i pass this zoo now and then, but never to stop by to come visiting it and now i come and visit it eventually. fiuuuuh. hahaha. The first impression for this zoo is, so quiet. It's probably due to visiting it on week day. But, it surprised me when i knew this zoo is quite beautiful and clean. Though, it's not a large zoo if we compare to Ragunan zoo at Jakarta or Gembira loka at Jogja. But it's complete enough. It has various animal and they all looked so healthy. It surrounded by tress and make it shady. I really enjoy looking around and taking photos of them. They are so funny, so cutie. The weather when i went there was overcast and the zoo was just so good that make me want to linger there a little longer. Ahhh, i really like this place. I recommend you to come over this place. It serves a lot of enjoyment especially when you are an animal lover. It's good as well for you and your family to spend your weekend here, at the zoo. I guarantee that you will get so many good times. the ticket is so cheap. it's only 12K for the admission on week day. But pardon me, i dont know how the charge is on the weekend. You guys should go there! Well, here are some photos of 'em, i cant upload all the photos but hopefully you guys still enjoying it! (;

i wish i could upload all the photos. );

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