Sunday, April 17, 2011

#100 things about me


yess, everytime i'm not in the mood or out of sorts, i just take a pencil and go doodling. it helps me to turn my frown upside down,, (:


So far, i've been living w/ my own way, trying to not doing something similar to other people do. Being me is by being different.


I'm weird. Yes, i am. I don't care if people do not like me, something i believe without no doubt is i am loved. 


I love blogs. I'm very keen on blogging. I blog just only for my pleasure. Even i'm not a good blogger yet, i do  i do i do blog every single day. (: and of course. i love coffee. hahaha. Those are two things that perfectly mix!

truthfully honest, i have no special talents. i'm not good at writing, drawing, blogging and so forth, moreover in my school. i'm not clever. i'd rather call myself as a stupid girl, yet not idiot. By being stupid, you will never ever stop questioning about anything, but by being smart, you feel that you're the know-it-all person who will feel so embarrassed if you ask something you don't know, so you will stop to question and you will not get the answer. never stop questioning, be stupid!

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