Wednesday, March 14, 2012

#1 Nik

as i mentioned in my previous post, i will be posting about my friend who just married a couple of weeks ago. when the first time i heard my friend would be getting married, i was surprised, shocked, happy and sad. surprised and shocked because, wow, she's still young, even she's younger than me, but she intended to wed. whoaaaa. i'm envious of her. hahaha. happy? of course i was happy hearing that news, marriage is a happiness, isn't it? i mean, waking up from your sleep then there's someone you love lying down next to you, there's someone to cuddle with in your lonely night, there's someone you'll be waiting to be home soon, you will get through all the goodness and badness in life with your spouse. that's a marriage, that's a happiness. and the last thing, i feel sad, because, heyyy,, she left here all alone, no boyfriend or fiance. hahahaha. *derita gue sih ini mah, huahahaha*
i knew her from we were young, i knew all the exs, her maneuvers to deal with boys, haha, she's an expert! really!! hahahahaha. *peace. but really, she is very beautiful and kind. i love you nong. ;*

terlalu gelap. gagal. males ngedit ulang eung, koneksinya itu yang males, uploadnya lama.

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