Wednesday, June 22, 2011

down on my luck

ummmm, this is not a good thing i wanna tell, yet bad one. Let's say that i was out of my luck yesterday. my friend and i were initially going to analyze my sample of my final project at tekMIRA. but, unluckily the machine was out of order which couldn't be fixed indefinitely so that they recommended us to go to PSDG (Pusat Sumber Daya Geologi) which is located in Soekarno Hatta Street. We eventually decided to go there by TMB (Trans Metro Bandung). We're actually didn't know how to get there. This was our first time around for being in that district but we went there courageously at last. We were local stranger. hehehe.
okey, First thing to do is we had to get TMB station which could be reached by 'angkot'. it is a kind of local transportation. and you know, the rule of thumb for stranger is you have to take chance for being tricked or cheated by the driver. yes, the drivers of 'angkot' in Indonesia are not friendly for stranger or tourist. They will take advantages of you because you are new which means you know nothing about the district you are about to come. Yes, We're cheated by the driver. *sigh*
After arriving the station, getting off from angkot then we waiting for TMB to come. Fifteen minutes later or so, TMB came up and we got on. if we compared the condition of TMB to TransJakarta or TransJogja, it's far from good. The Air Condition didn't work and there's still a lot of trash scattered everywhere at the bus. i think the government need to give the best care of it in order that TMB become better and better for the convenience and satisfaction of the passengers.
ok, back to my story. after twenty minutes long, we arrived at the destination. TMB pulled over and we get off at the station. because the building is a wee bit far from the station, we needed to walk to get over there and about 100meters walking, we arrived finally.
returning to home, we went by angkot again. and the terrible incident was about to happen.
gosh,, im so speechless to tell it again and again.
i have no words to describe what a terrifying incident it is. it happened so fast! in a tiny minute i think. horrible. how brutally he beaten me, he was like possessed by a ghost. *deep sigh* . well, i was so close to be picked pocket at angkot, i was with my friend at an empty angkot then a gang of thieves got on the car one by one. i was unsuspecting them as a gang of pickpocket, i was considering them like other common passengers until one of them asked me do a favor to close a window. i was pleased to help him to close the window without slightest suspicion. unexpectedly, the other of them was trying to open my bag and pick my pocket or whatever in it. but before he picked my pocket, i was conscious and aware of what he tried to do to me. i did not shriek or yell him as a pickpocket. i just got reflexed to move my hand, and it made a pickpocket panicked. He was afraid of catching in the act for his deed. He shortly shouted at me, beaten me brutally without any reason. i was shocked. i couldn't do anything, just be stiff. a moment later they got off the car, one by one. they pretended that they didn't know each other. but i know, they were ally. we're just four at the car, my friend, me, and two old men. and the rest was just the gang. there was nobody to help us. the two old men just starred at me doing nothing. the gang played act the role. but the point is they helped each other. but thankfully it was over soon. the driver stopped his car and had them get off the car.
the incident left a traumatic experience for me.
i hate them. a lot!

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