Friday, May 21, 2010

Enchanting Jogja!!

Woohoo, i don't know what to say to express how excited i was for having a great travelling to Jogja! Yess, i finally could step my feet on Jogja. unbelievable. you guess what?? preparing for this plan only took less than three days. and,, voilaaaaa,,,

Yogyakarta is not only well known as the City of student, (translated from Kota pelajar, hehhe ) but also known as the city of Batik. we could easily find the making of batik when entering a batik shop in Jogja. Not all batik shops in Jogja virtually, just several of them, and it's free charge! hehehe

Besides, there's innovation of varying batik, i found it accidentally when i visited Taman Sari. that is batik painting on canvas. yepp, it's amazing! i didn't capture the batik paintings because i think it's kinda violation of copyright so here i just took a picture the making of batik painting.

if only i could describe JOgja in one sentence, it'd be "JOgja is never boring city!" There's a lot of must-to-go spots. if you wanna enjoy the summer breeze of seashore? go to parang tritis beach! or study tour reminiscing history of Indonesia? go visiting "Prambanan temple", "Taman Sari", "Kraton", "Tugu Jogja kembali. For all women who have window shopping hobby? Yesss,, Malioboro is the answer! Along the malioboro street, available various things from accessories, bags, cloths, batik, and so forth. if you are good at bargaining, you can get dirty cheap thing! capable of speaking javanese language is not compulsory here. no need to worry then. but if you have one, it's indeed useful.
Pedicab became mass transportation in Jogja, beside Trans Jogja and city bus. you can also go around the city by riding "andong".
JOgja is so fascinating! you have to visit right away and enjoy the traditional culture which remains dominant there.,,

i think i should go to bed at once,, it's been very night late. i have a claas in the morning tomorrow. and here are some of my pictures, enjoy it,,

P.S: sorry for dishing informations about Jogja not so comprehensively,,i'll edit ASAP,,


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  1. i love jogja and every part... salam kenal puspaputri :)